In order to have TRC access, there is a process that must be completed. If any steps of the process are incomplete, access will be denied.

All TRC access registrations must:

  1. Start with Michael Guzzo’s approval
  2. Approved requests are then forwarded to Troy Wilson who will generate an INVITATION through PARDOT
    • Request must contain a minimum of information about the requestor: their full name, business email, phone and company
  3. Applicant will receive an email invitation from PARDOT, ONLY registrations through this invitation link are considered valid
  4. Applicant fills out the (Pardot linked) Registration Form and submits it
  5. If all the above steps were completed, the TRC Admin will grant access, and the user can then use TRC.

If any steps of the process are left out, the initial application will be denied. TRC Admins will forward the applicant’s name and business association to Management to see whether to initiate the process properly.